Nourishing Postpartum Pantry Products now available

About Us


For too long we have accepted that exhaustion, sleep deprivation, illness and stress are an expected part of early motherhood.  

Our mission is to help women navigate the early stages of motherhood with confidence and clarity, moving back to a community-based model of care through a contemporary interpretation of the ancient Chinese tradition of ‘sitting the month’ (坐月子 – zuò yuè zi).  We believe that supporting the health and wellbeing of the mother supports the entire family. 

Our initial offering includes the ultimate pregnancy and postpartum selection of snacks and food supplies, combining nutrient dense ingredients into delicious and satisfying snacks that offer restorative nutrition, as well as mother and baby oils, mists and moisturisers and our supportive Postpartum Planning Workbook, all delivered Australia wide.  

Our future includes frozen pantry staples, traditional Chinese medicine products and in-home postpartum support. 

We hope you will join us on the journey of placing a greater focus, awareness, and acknowledgement of parental health needs. 

To learn more or register your interest, please get in touch.

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